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Healthy Home Builders

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Building Well to Live Well

We are pioneering the healthy home building process.

JS2 Partners was founded with the belief that every person deserves a home that is free from toxins, harsh chemicals, molds, allergens and other body sensitive materials. 


With so many building materials out on the market, it's hard to know what's going into your family's home.  We understand that each homeowner has their own needs and unique sense of style.


Our thorough one-on-one consultation program ensures that all products used to build your home are safe, healthy and productive for your family. 

Your well-being is our priority.

 Your well being is our priority 

We are experts in healthy products & materials selections.


Quality control is fundamental to our design + build process. 


Optimal function, beauty & eye-catching architecture are integrated into each JS2P home.


We invite you to experience custom crafted, non-toxic living.

Our featured builds:  welcome home...


JS2P is transcending the art of homebuilding

JS2 Partners is unique.  Healthy home consultant Jen Stout and builder Rusty Stout teamed up to provide design + build custom homes using less toxic, hypoallergenic materials and designs.


Having dealt with sensitivities for years, Jen provides a holistic approach unique to each client's needs.  With Rusty's years of home building experience, together, JS2P offers homeowners the ability to create a living environment optimal for function, beauty, productivity and health.


Our homeowners take pride in knowing that their investment provides a safe and healthy environment for their family to enjoy...  Your well-being is our #1 priority.


Jen & Rusty talk about what it means to build healthy. Click to listen.

Healthy living starts at home. Learn more about what JS2 Partners can build for you.