Healthy Home Builder Duo Pioneering Building Best Practices

JS2 Partners was recently featured on a number of news websites including the Austin Business Journal, Yahoo News, Seeking Alpha and more.

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Rethinking HVAC

By: Steve Swanson

Your car has 3 temperature sensors - driver, passenger & backseat - whereas your home only has 1 in the hallway where nobody hangs out. Scratching your head, too? Swanson offers interesting (and quite comical) perspective on better HVAC options.

Harvard University launches

Building Evidence for Health 

Harvard University's School of Public Health is paving the way for healthier buildings to optimize health, well-being & productivity for occupants. 


redefining building

industry practices

Jen speaks with Andy Pace from the Green Design Center and Jay Watts with AFM Products about home building the healthy way.  

The Next Big Thing:

Healthy Homes

By: Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Buyers are demanding -- and paying more for -- homes that don't make them sick. See why the trend is seeing an uptick over the past several years.

BuilderOnline Healthy Homes

GDC Healthy Home Forecast for 2018

Green Design Center Healthy Living Forecast

Andy Pace from The Green Design Center gives his annual predictions for what's to come in the world of healthy homes. Click the logo above to see GDC's Healthy Home Forecast for 2018...

Cleaning Can Be Thrify & Non-Toxic

We have built your healthy how do you keep it clean? 


Read along for some helpful and economical tips!

Non Toxic Cleaning Tips

Want more? Check out the nation's fastest growing podcast dedicated to making your home a healthy space.


Non toxic environments podcast - Andy Pace