• Rusty Stout

The Green Design Center - It's more than a source, it is a partnership!

Being a Healthy Home Builder you depend on resources with immense knowledge of the products you need to incorporate into each build. We could not have found a better resource from the very beginning. Andy Pace and his team at The Green Design Center has been an integral part of every healthy home build project for years.

I was born and raised in Texas. If it gets below 70 I am looking for my jacket. So, when Jen and I landed in Milwaukee with pouring rain and sub 40 temps; I was not very enthusiastic. Mind you when we left Austin, it was a comfortable 95! I will spare you the details of the flight delays and terminal mishaps, we all know what it is to travel these days. It was midnight when we landed in Milwaukee. We raced to our rental and then to our hotel; we had promised to meet Andy at The Green Design Center at 9am the next morning, and we wanted to be fresh for this meeting. When we got to our hotel room, to say it was moldy is an understatement. I am not sensitive to these smells, but even I knew this would not work for Jen. These are the issues that we all face traveling with sensitivities. After a recommendation, we found a brand-new hotel in Milwaukee, but by the time our heads hit the pillow it was 4am.

After three hours of sleep we arose to even colder temperatures and a harder down pour than the night before. Tired, cold, hungry and in dire need of caffeine, we headed off to meet Andy at The Green Design Center.

Once we arrived, all of our dreary travel nightmares were gone. We had finally gotten to meet the crew at The Green Design Center in person. Jen has been working with all of these guys and gals on the phone for several years and now to put smiling faces with the names was awesome! Much to our surprise the VP of AFM Safecoat, Jay Watts, was at the GDC and was going to sit in on our meeting.

Over the next four hours, Jen and I detailed her struggle with allergies and chemical sensitivities and detailed our vision of how we could revolutionize the way Healthy Homes are built. Andy and Jay proved to be wonderful listeners, offered a plethora of knowledge, and turned out be fantastic motivation for us. Not to mention an endless supply of coffee was readily available. We talked about how JS2 Partners, LLC is different from other builders and how each of our clients gets a Healthy Home Build Packet specifically designed and detailed for their home. We described our method of assigning a Project Manager to each build. The PM's only responsibility is making sure each and every facet of the build is selected and approved by the client.

We learned about the history of the GDC and AFM Safecoat. It turns out that that the founder of AFM and Jen shared some of the same breakthroughs at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, TX. We meet the new logistics manager for the GDC and were excited to hear some of his ideas they had on improving construction timelines with shipping procedures.

We arrived at the GDC with the goal of meeting the source of all of our Non Toxic building products. It was clear that we had chosen the best source for many of our products. In that short four hour brainstorming session, we realized our source had become our trusted business partner!

On the flight home, Jen and I were giddy with excitement. All of our ideas for starting JS2 Partners were confirmed by Andy and Jay. There is nothing better than energy and passion for an industry; especially when it is shared by the peers you respect the most.

Thank you to Andrew Pace from The Green Design Center and Jay Watts from AFM Safecoat! You will forever be at the beginning of our journey!