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Build well. Live well.

With so many building materials out on the market, it's hard to know what's going into your family's home. JS2 Partners Healthy Home Builders is doing something no other builder is doing. We are creating better living through healthier building, using exclusively non-toxic construction materials and design methods, from the inside out.


Experienced builders Jen and Rusty Stout recognize that each homeowner has their own needs and unique sense of style. The JS2 team works one-on-one with each homeowner to develop custom crafted design + build programs which integrate the latest in building science techniques with years of healthy home building research. 

Wondering how JS2 Partners is pioneering the art of healthy home building?

          Isn't green the same thing as healthy?

Some people equate healthy building to using green / repurposed materials or building with straw bales and clay. While JS2 fully supports sustainability and eco-conscious efforts, our number one priority is occupant health and well-being. Many recycled materials are in fact not suitable for healthy home construction. For example, recycled plastics often perpetually smell like Tide detergent, and authentic reclaimed wood is likely to have been fumigated or sprayed with pesticides.

JS2 builds with all modern day construction materials that are thoroughly vetted, by us, from the inside out, to be either non toxic or sealed via proprietary methods in house to prevent offgassing. We take standard construction models and apply building science concepts and a wellness driven approach to each unique building project.



            What does it cost to build healthy?

People often ask us how much more is it will cost to build healthy -- and are surprised to hear that many of the materials and methods that we utilize are no more expensive than what other quality custom home builders use. The difference lies within Rusty and Jen's level of knowledge and practice and years of research and implementation.


Our homes are proof of concept -- that it is affordable to build a toxin free, low EMF home, which meets the strictest of residential codes, and looks and feels amazing. Feel free to drop us a line. We welcome homeowners to experience our own custom healthy home in the Central Texas Hill Country.



           But other builders use low VOC products?

Builders claim that they use low / no VOC paints and finishes. But what about the sheetrock covering your walls and ceilings, the lumber used for framing, the insulation lining your wall cavities, the ducts that carry the air that you breathe, the adhesives used to assemble your cabinets and the grouts used on your tile?  Are all of those free of formaldehyde and harmful chemicals, too?


Low VOC isn't what you think. Many chemicals including PVC, ammonia and acetone are not considered VOC’s yet are still toxic to people and pets and widely used in "healthy" products. 

Not to worry – this is why JS2 Partners is different. Instead of trusting a label or doing the minimum building requirements, we take it a step further to eliminate harmful pollutants for our homeowners.

Lastly, let's not forget about organic VOC's from indoor mold. Each JS2P project focuses on mitigating the potential for water intrusion and moisture build up, inside and out... From slab to frame to fit and finish, each JS2 Partners home is truly healthy and truly beautiful.

We say welcome to a new standard in building!

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Ready to experience custom crafted living?

Building a home is more than just bricks, sticks and a roof. A home should be a tranquil, relaxing and invigorating space. We ask each client, "What makes you jive?" Perhaps it's your morning cup of coffee on the lakeside patio, or time spent decompressing on your yoga mat. Maybe you've always dreamed of having a bright and airy art studio or a cozy in-home theater for fun family movie nights.


We take a holistic approach to home building that puts our homeowners' health, well-being and quality of life at the forefront. At JS2 Partners, we're proud to be doing something different, and we thank our lucky stars that we have the opportunity to be leaders in bettering the way homes are built.


Our design + build services include new home construction, architectural design, renovations, nationwide healthy home consulting, interior design, and coming soon - healthy tiny homes!  


See how JS2 Partners Healthy Home Builders is proudly transcending home building best practices.

Harvard University's School of Public Health is paving the way for  healthier building.

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Jen & Rusty talk about what it means to build healthy. Click to listen.