your home should

tell the story of

who you are


A Healthy Home Design is like French Cuisine.  There are a lot of ingredients; some of them can be expensive; it can take longer to prepare; and in the end the results are sheer perfection for all of the senses. 


While we do not recommend tasting your home - the sites, sounds, smells, and feel of your home should be rewarding to the point of perfection.  Resident "chefs" Jen and Rusty will work with you personally to create a one-of-a -kind custom Healthy Home.

What to expect during the design + build process

The first step is an introductory meeting in which we get to know each other and form a basic idea of your wants and needs. We will discuss any sensitivities and/or allergies that impact you or your family's life in order to start recommending products for your home.  A conceptual house plan will be formulated as well as a working budget.  A great deal of attention will be paid to the products and space required.  We maximize materials and space so you can maximize your investment. 

Second is a design agreement.  JS2 Partners will take the information from our initial meeting and begin designing your Healthy Home.  During this phase one-on-one communication is key.  Preliminary drawings will be drafted and a material selection sheet will be completed.  Your custom home will be designed using the latest and greatest non toxic and hypoallergenic building products available (all selected by you).  During the selection process, we work preferred vendors to ensure our products are the safest available. We also focus on energy efficiency, indoor air quality technologies and spatially appealing design to best meet your family's needs and budget. All federal, state, and local building codes will be reviewed and followed during the drafting of the house plans.

The third and final step in the design process is client approval and submission to the local permitting authority. 


Once the drawings and material selections are approved, a custom build packet specific to your home will be created. 


This packet is the core of our build process, which includes final drawings and detailed material selections made and approved by you, the client.

Take Your Home for a Test Drive!


Peace of mind is priceless. 


Each JS2P homeowner gets to experience the glues, paints, lumber, drywall, everything, before building or remodeling. Welcome to our construction materials samples kit.

It's time to start building. First things first.... Quality control is a top priority and how we manage the build truly sets us apart from other builders. Each of our home build projects are assigned one of our experienced and trained project managers to be onsite. The PM serves as the go-to point of contact for each build, and their primary responsibility is the individual client's home.


We are big on oversight and communication. Although the restaurant chef is important, it takes more than one talented chef to make a great meal.  While the chef cooks, someone has to run the restaurant, another has to source the best ingredients, and another makes sure the kitchen is in clean working order.  Building a healthy home is no different. Our team works together with subs to ensure that only the products that you approved are used and that the building process goes smoothly.  

A schedule will be mapped out and updated from start to finish.  We know the building phase is the hardest part for our clients. From day one, we strive to foster trust and an open dialogue during the design phase so that you know your home will be treated just like our own. Frequent client site visits will be scheduled once construction is underway as well as additional product and design selections.

While every build has its challenges, the one-on-one nature of our build process mitigates these challenges which greatly reduces added time to the overall construction of your home.  The sooner we can get you living in your new home, the better!

JS2P offers design + build services anywhere in United States.


We also offer project management and healthy building consultation services for homeowners, builders and architects on both residential and commercial projects.

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We work with homeowners and architects to handle the building process for new builds and remodels.


Need a healthy home consultant? 

JS2P offers consultation services for builders, architects and homeowners looking to incorporate healthy materials and functional design concepts. 

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