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Jen Stout, co-founder & healthy living design expert

For many years Jen just never felt right.  After battling fatigue and the sudden onset of allergies and sensitivities to countless foods, cosmetics and household cleaning products, Jen decided to seek help.  She was living in Dallas at the time finishing her MBA from SMU.  Doctor after doctor just couldn't seem to pinpoint the reason for her immune system dysfunction, and her health continued to decline. Unsatisfied with the answers she was given about her health, she searched for other options.  

Specialists at the Environmental Health Center (EHC) in Dallas were finally able to identify the root of the problem. Mold residues were present in Jen's lab test indicating toxic levels of mold exposure. Jen learned her body's overactive immune responses were sensitivities to molds, mycotoxins, pesticides and many other elements that surround us on a daily basis.  An air quality test of her Dallas apartment led to the discovery of a severe black mold problem (stachybotrys) that had existed behind the walls for years. 


Jen learned that unhealthy living and/or working environments can trigger the onset of allergies, sensitivities and a whole host of nervous system and immune problems. A major factor in reducing and/or reversing environmental health issues is getting into a cleaner, safer environment.

Jen began researching materials and designs for healthy building and built her first healthy home in 2013. Armed with an arsenal of knowledge in home building, design and healthy living practices, Jen has made it her mission to build better lives through healthy home building.

Jen holds a Bachelor of Science Journalism degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University. Jen is trained in LEED and was previously the Executive Director of the Hill Country Builders Association in Central Texas.

These two joined forces and are now redefining home building best practices.

Rusty Stout, co-founder & president

Unmatched attention to details and processes is what sets Rusty Stout apart. This is how colleagues describe Rusty, co-founder, builder and president of JS2 Partners.  Rusty founded a General Contracting firm in Austin, TX, where he continued to hone his construction management skills by competing for and winning numerous US government construction contracts over the last decade.

Rusty also began working with Jen and learning about the design aspects and materials evaluations that go into building a toxin-free home. They both saw a need for changing the way houses are built, thus JS2 Partners was formed.

With Jen's in-depth knowledge of healthy building design and products and Rusty's years of construction experience, there is no project too large or too small to take on.  

"When your friends come over, I want them to be in awe of your home; and ultimately unaware that any special products were used." Rusty's main goal is to give homeowners a quality-built and beautiful custom home that will be a healthy sanctuary for years to come

Rusty is a past president of the Hill Country Builders Association Board of Directors and is a member of the Texas Association of Builders and National Association of Home Builders. Rusty serves as a building trades education mentor for high school students in the Highland Lakes and is an authorized OSHA trainer and NASP Safety Inspections Technician. Rusty holds a Project Management Professional Designation from Park University and is certified in Contracting Law through FPS.