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healthy and green home builder

Healthy and Green Custom Home Builder

A home that is healthy to live in and enjoy is something that many people dream of. If you're looking to make your home healthy, then J2S Partners is here for you. As healthy home builders, we strive to create a home that centers on your well-being from the foundation up.

What Is a Healthy Home?


While many homes have elements like an air purifier that help with human health, the home itself might not be healthy. This could mean anything from toxic building materials to unhealthy paints. But our healthy homes are different.

A healthy home puts its occupants first. Everything that goes into the home—from the building materials to the design—is meant to be healthy and clean.

At JS2 Partners, we tailor every element of our healthy home-building process toward your well-being, as well as eco-friendliness. We are more than a green home builder; our design/build team strives to support and help the environment with our nontoxic materials that put homeowner wellness first.  As pioneers in the healthy home building segment, our sustainable building practices include the latest in energy efficiency technology, humidity control, effective air ventilation, hospital grade air purification for the prevention of bad indoor air quality and clean water quality tailored to your regional needs.

How Do We Accomplish a Healthy Home?


We only work with building materials that are free of VOCs, harmful chemicals, and toxins. First, we personally vet each type of material we plan to use. This includes everything from flooring to cabinets and insulation and much more. Then, once we’re satisfied that the materials we choose are safe to use, we build a home that both reflects your unique preferences and style and promotes your health.

This means that we will thoroughly weatherproof and waterproof your entire home to avoid the potential of mold, as well as put in barriers against noise pollution. That way, you don’t have to deal with noisy neighbors, passersby, or traffic to help make your space functional and relaxing.

And while the indoor furnishings you have are yours to choose, we can help you in your selection if preferred, as well as implement designs that emphasize healthy living and promote positive well-being.

JS2 Partners is more than a green custom home builder; our focus is to provide a wellness-promoting environment in addition to providing the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly home possible.

If you want a beautiful, safe, and healthy home, reach out to us today to learn more.

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