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Top Appliance Trends + Paint Colors to Match

Stunning interior décor is just as important as the non-toxic construction materials we use to build each JS2 Partners healthy home. Appliances are design opportunity, often overlooked!

JS2 Partners Healthy Home Building Modern Home Horseshoe Bay TX
JS2P healthy homes are crafted for wellness + beauty

When to select appliances in the build process

When it comes to fit and finishes, the conceptual interior design process starts on day one of each project.

We start with appliance selections, since these dictate spatial allocations in critical areas like the kitchen, laundry and bar.

Whether or not you’re ready to think of your refrigerator as a statement piece, appliances do inevitably play a large role in setting the tone and mood of your home.


" Think of a kitchen like a wardrobe. Epic outfits require the right colors, textures, and jewels to scream fashionista!"

A refrigerator and double oven are actually jewelry for your kitchen. Just as important as the functionality and quality are the good looks of the dishwasher and sparkle of your cooktop.

Paint colors and hardware should compliment your home’s décor and play up appliances instead of ignoring them.


Check out these kitchen makeover tips that will make your hardware, appliances and colors sing:

  • Keep it clean and modern …. To achieve a modern look with clean lines, go with glossy white cabinet paint paired with dark hardware and accessories and a dark finish on your dishwasher, fridge, oven and microwave.

JS2 Partners Healthy Home Building Kitchen Design Concepts
JS2P home - shiny metallics enhance glossy paints

  • Go for rustic … Greige, creamy white, neutral wood stains and whitewashed hardwoods all work wonders with oil rubbed bronze, brass, copper and stainless steel. In the right settings, matte black can play a major role here as well. Think cozy modern farmhouse or rustic ranch retreat.

JS2 Partners Healthy Home Building Kitchen Rustic Farmhouse Modern
JS2P home - Thermador stainless steel range is softened by earthy tones, wood flooring and stone accents

  • Mix and Match Metals … Whether your appliances have a shiny, flat, brushed or distressed finish, try to stick with similar textures for metallic elements in the kitchen. Matte black sink hardware coupled with muted gold drawer pulls and appliance handles creates a clean and cohesive look. Brushed nickel and brushed gunmetal work well with matte black, since the textures appear similar. Even subtle red metallic accents like the caps Kitchen Aid has on their ovens, will lend visual interest.

  • Take cues from your doors and windows … Consider the color and finish of your interior window frames. If they’re dark brown or bronze in color, your best bet is oil rubbed bronze hardware. LG’s Black Stainless line and Samsung’s Brushed Black lineup both have just enough subtle gold fleck in the finish to bring out the bling in oil rubbed bronze hardware and shine in a copper sink. Speaking of doors and windows - how about a window on your ice box and refreshment center?

True Appliance kitchen with gray and gold metal elements
Appliance windows in unexpected places

  • Utilize accent lighting … Have fun with your light fixtures. Showcase the refrigerator (and your kid’s artwork) by pointing a track light onto the fridge door. Try hanging a pendant over your washer and dryer in the laundry room to spice up the usually boring space. And for a fun and unique kitchen feature, wrap LED tape lights around the inside trim of the oven cabinets.

Matte black metal and leather oversized pendant light
Accentuate with an oversized pendant light

Let's Not Forget - appliances are kitchen décor

When I step into a kitchen with a bold French door oven, automatically gourmet cooking and the smell of fresh bread come to mind. And there's something about the brightly colored oven in my friend's home that evokes a fun and whimsical feel.

Then there’s the panel-ready appliances that beg all of us to open each door to see what lies behind.

No matter your taste in décor, the right paint colors can create a uniform look that will mix cohesiveness with just the right amount of vigor and visual interest.


Struggling to find the perfect kitchen accent color?

Consider matching paint to your appliances

Dark stainless is among the most popular colors currently for appliances. Since no two dark stainless manufacturer’s colors are alike, I pulled out the trusty paint deck and took a trip down the appliance aisle.

Kitchen Aid stainless steel kitchen
Stainless steel comes in all shapes and sizes

Here are some of the hottest dark appliance colors by top brands, so you too can color coordinate your next kitchen makeover!

Kitchen Aid Black Stainless Steel… SW Iron Ore

JennAir Stainless Steel … SW Grizzle Gray

Samsung Brushed Black Stainless … SW Inkwell

LG Graphite Steel … SW Dorian Gray

LG Black Stainless … SW Greenblack

GE Satin Nickel … SW Gauntlet Grey

Samsung Champagne … SW Essential Gray

GE Slate … SW Porpoise

Samsung Platinum … SW Gauntlet Gray

matte black hardware … SW Tricorn Black

{ JS2P note - The Sherwin-Williams (SW) paint deck has a great selection of greys and blacks. Even though the above paints are SW colors, when it comes time to order the paint, we have our paint manufacturer match the SW colors with our preferred brand of non toxic / zero VOC interior paint. }

" Elements within our homes that have the most design potential,

are often overlooked. "

Appliances are vital to our daily routine...

It's time we bring their souls to life and showcase their beauty, with all sorts of fun colors, shapes and styles. Here's to being brave, bold -- and healthy -- in all things home!



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