• Rusty Stout

Healthy Home Builder -Why this title will upset my colleagues.

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Healthy Home Builder

At JS2 Partners, LLC, we absolutely build Custom Healthy Homes; 100% of the time. We do Healthy Home Designs; 100% of the time. I can tell each one of my clients that their home is healthy because I am a Healthy Home Builder.

With our one-on-one consultation program and the revolutionary Healthy Home Packet, we are separating ourselves from the pack. Also, our level of over site has set us apart in the Healthy Home Construction industry. Unless you have some one at your build every day, all day, chances are some products are making it into your home that you did not approve. That is why we assign a Project Manager specifically for each Healthy Home Build. Their only job is to make sure that the only products being used on your home are products that have been tested, approved, and listed in the Healthy Home Home Packet.

Let me clarify: I am not accusing other builders of building toxic homes. Chances are they do not even know the chemical make-up of the materials they put into a home. They do not have the information to know that most of the wood products they are using contain formaldehyde. They do not realize that the oil based paint and strippers being used in their homes could contain over 300 toxic chemicals and 150 carcinogens. Among them mercury, methylene chloride, trichoroethane and xylene.

So how can we at JS2 Partners say that we are truly a Healthy Home Builder? First of all we have the right sources for the products we use. The Green Design Center is the recognized leader in all things related to Healthy Home Construction. I know that when I am doing a Healthy Home Design for a new client I can pick up the phone and call Andy at the GDC and use his consultation service to make sure the products I am putting into one of our Custom Healthy Homes has been tested and vetted.

Healthy Home Designs. Healthy Home Construction.

Second is our choice in coatings. We exclusively use AFM Safecoat products for all of our Healthy Home coatings. Typically the biggest surface area in any home is the walls and other painted surfaces. So why would you coat these surfaces with toxic materials?

Third, and the most important factor, is Jen - Lead Consultation Expert. Jen suffers from the same allergies and chemical sensitivities as many of clients. She has spent years researching and testing products that work for her which makes her a walking encyclopedia of Healthy Home Products. I can unequivocally say that Jen, nor anyone else at JS2 Partners, will never let any product or material that poses a health threat be included in one of our Healthy Home Designs or our Custom Healthy Homes.

I encourage anyone looking for a Healthy Home Builder or a Healthy Home Design to reach out to JS2 Partners today and schedule a consultation. 830-598-2949 rustystout@js2partners.com